Saturday, March 18, 2006

A farewell hay(na)ku

After exactly two
years as
hen, I
have decided to

let the Pelican
find a
the free
range. Occasionally I

go &
collect her eggs.


Ernesto said...

what! So it won't be flying around here anymore?


bill said...

Oh no! Why?

Michelle e o said...

I'm always beyond fashionably late. Oh well, I did enjoy reading what is already here, especially the tribute poems. Good luck.

shanna said...


EILEEN said...

I agree: but...but...

although I am looking for hope in those "eggs"...?

Geof Huth said...

Good luck, Mark. We do what we must. And two years is a good run!


mark young said...

Geof, I had my Black, for Geof Huth, in the thankyou post below, but possibly because of the size of the post it lost its borders which rendered it somewhat meaningless, though perhaps more expansive. But I was thinking of you.

mark young said...

have now added it as a link

AlexG said...

I hope you have more comebacks than Judy Garland.

Jordan said...


you have

been my daily

rcloenen-ruiz said...

No, no! But I love visiting here.

Anny Ballardini said...

I am a sloppy visitor, sorry, but I liked the idea of having you here,

hopefully somewhere else soon,

Jim Ryals said...

Come back soon!

Robert said...

well, this news bites

hope you maintain the blog, anyway, so that readers have at least potential access to the archives

gonna miss your online presence...i was also a daily visitor, and it just wont be the same :(

Okir said...

Yes, please, at least keep the blog up, so we have access to the archives, something...anything...

Jill said...

must fly
will miss it

round these parts
but there

and there
is a season

Mark, I only came across the farewell this morning. Many thanks for the poem as well. The jazz keeps on, I have no doubt. Best for your next instalment of presence. JJ