Saturday, June 11, 2005

A pleasurable note

I am delighted to see amongst the books listed by Charles Bernstein as being notable for Summer 2005 ( &, in passing, a big thankyou to Eileen for preening over the brick which is also on the list & pointing me towards it) Michele Leggott's Milk & Honey.

It (& the brick) have been sitting on the desk beside my pc for the last couple of months, read with continuing enjoyment & delight, a pleasure intensified by the hand-written notes from the poets inside each.

Charles Bernstein's comment:
Michelle Leggott, Milk & Honey (New Zealand University Press)Impressario of the New Zealand Electronic Poetry Center and author of Reading 80 Flowers, professor at the University of Auckland, Michelle Leggott continues to write complex lyrics, sampling thought and song, voice and vision.
(Though, Charles, please note there is only one l in Michele. & to describe it as being published by the New Zealand University Press would have every university in N.Z. outside Auckland frothing at the mouth.)
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EILEEN said...

I live to bring pleasure to others.