Friday, March 18, 2005

pelican dreaming is 1 year old today

so it seems appropriate to recognise the occasion by posting the poem from whence it got its name.

Later he would walk down to the lagoon
to look for the pelicans. They were
his touchstone, the way their
solid bodies gave substance to the
landscape, a centre to it. Only when
they found him would he return.


AlexG said...

synchronicity: just yesterday I was checking something in the "As/Is" archive & read this poem again.

congrats on the anniversary. break out the chocolate...

cesar de oliveira said...

happy birthday!

KK said...

Mark, it's
been a pleasure.

Jill said...

i was watching a new australian film this week and there was a brief flash of a solo pelican standing on a wharf against the blue hawkesbury sky. thought of you then. and now the pelican moves into its second year. congrats. JJ

Vincent Ponka said...

Pelican Dreaming is one of my favourite blogs and an inspiration! Mark, keep up the fine work.