Monday, August 22, 2005

Citric update

Not quite Spring by the calendar, but the temperature is in the high twenties C. – just under 80° F. - & the flowers in the pots under the awning are flush with large scarlet & white blooms. It’s warm enough for the cat to decide to stay out at night.

The citrus trees are threatening to deliver fruit. We’ve had them for about 18 months, & so far their crops have been one lemon, which was on the tree when we bought it, & one grapefruit which we can honestly claim to be our own. But the lime tree currently has lots of small fruit on it, the lemon is in flower & spreads that wonderful perfume, & the grapefruit has pushed out new leaves & has a couple of buds on it.

Mind you, this happened last year as well. Then the ants got active & managed to knock off all the young limes, & then the locusts – huge, some the size of elephants – descended upon the lemon & the grapefruit & turned them into almost skeletons. I think what was left of the lemon’s energy was taken up bringing that single fruit to – I guess I have to use the word – fruition, & that single grapefruit only survived because it grew sufficiently whilst the various armies were busy with the other offerings.

Still, although somebody knocked off the single custard apple from the tree at the bottom of the driveway – a bad growing season for them, not enough humidity in the air – we have got a few mandarins & oranges this year from the other trees in the same area. The fruit was a bit like me, rough-looking on the outside, but oh so sweet. & juicy.

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