Monday, March 07, 2005


I am feeling excluded.
I am not on Dubya's hit list.
I am not on his crush list.
My weapons of mass destruction were used up years ago.
I have no troops in a foreign country.
I do not understand how it is right to have U.S. troops in Iraq & wrong to have Syrian troops in Lebanon.
I believe fences should not be used to keep people apart.
I have no nuclear power program that could be construed as a front for the enriching of uranium.
My axis is not evil.
I am not a hostage who can be released & then be shot at by her supposed allies.
I am not a university professor invited to Harvard who is declined a visa because of her links with the Sandanistas.
I do not know what the word terrorist means any more, nor do I understand how it continues to expand its meaning. Actually I do. A terrorist is all the people you don't like, plus a significant percentage of the people who you say you do.
I do not know what the word democracy means any more, nor do I understand how it continues to contract its meaning.
I do not have a famine that can be ignored because
I am not oil-rich.
I do not have a G7 spot.
NATO is not courting me.
I do not have bases that can be used as a staging-post for spy planes or bombers or troop-carrying helicopters.
I am not a born-again Christian who believes they have a God-given right to dictate policies to the world.
I have never advocated torture & have never not advocated & then used it anyway.
I would not believe anything confessed to under torture.
I have never taken part in a naked human pyramid. Not under duress anyway.
I have never licked Dubya's arse.
I do know his shit does not smell like roses though many others seem to think this is true.
I use words, but since these are never used on a teleprompter it is as if I am mute.
There is no bounty of $25 million out for me.
I don't even have a Camp Alpha.
Or like apple pie.
I believe that the United States of Dubya is spelt with a k. Three ks actually. AmeriKKKa.

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