Wednesday, February 02, 2005

When you're living in a very small city

forget you've ever heard of Miles, let alone
                                 & everyone
through to
Zappa & Zimmerman
that used to inhabit your CD collection. Swallow
your Charlie Pride & listen to a selection
of country music singers. At the very least
trawl through the local record store &
memorise a couple of the names.

Learn how to spell the name
of every writer that you like. The bookshops here
are newsagents in disguise, carry primarily
bush ballads, romance, new age, sport
& the Tom Clancy franchise canon. You're going
to have to ask the resident teenager to order in
anything that you want. Remember
to    speak    slowly    when    you    do.

Take up comparative ornithology. Discover
why the birds engage in such raucous debate
amongst themselves. Take sides. Should you follow
the ravens or the white cockatoos?

Tell yourself over & over
that you've finally got time to
get around to reading Proust. Always
find something else to do.

Enrol in an offensive driving course. Be taught
how to stay at 30kph in a 70 speed zone, change lanes
without indicating, realise that you've
just passed where you want to go
but don't let that stop you going there anyway. U-
turns are legal here. Buy a tray-body truck
& a dog you can tie up on it. Brush up
on your veterinary science, especially that part
that relates to canine auto-erotic asphyxiation.

Relearn what the clouds mean.

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