Friday, February 25, 2005

Lion Mountain Road

The name has always intrigued me since I first passed by the signpost on one of my earlier one to two hour drives around the countryside.

Lion Mountain. I can see it from home. A saddle-backed hill or, more precisely, a large upthrust rock. A couple of hundred metres high. It could be interpreted as a lion resting without knowing its name; but, once known, similarities suggest themselves.

Passed it again a couple of weeks ago. Turned away by the possible effects of rain on the unsealed road; but it's been dry for a while so decide to go & explore today.

Tyre tracks are baked into the road. Intermittent farmhouses, few cattle visible though they must be around, mainly horses. A field of what looks like young sugar cane but that's unlikely in these parts. Not enough access to water. A pothole or two or three.

The 'mountain' directly ahead. Pass through some trees & emerge closer. & then, half a kilometre away from its base, the road veers abruptly to the right & I'm being taken away from it. More farms. This is a road for utility, not exploration.

I turn the car around, find a spot where I can get out & see it clearly. I take a couple of photographs. Small birds come close to the car, congregate, deciding if it's a possible threat.

I return home, disappointed. As I crest the hill just before turning into our street I see it out there, looking more like a lion than ever. Another promise. Undelivered.

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harry k stammer said...

big cats and sharpshooters here, unfortunately...