Saturday, December 04, 2004

the saturday omens

Half an ear open
for the omens. Okay,
maybe a whole ear,
listening out
in shopping centres or
on the car radio for the
unexpected song. &
half an eye open
for the birds, a new
variety or a king-
fisher. Either qualifies.
So in a town where
country is king
& the supermarket
manages to demean
your favourite anthems
from the sixties, hearing
Ray Charles' last album
in the concourse – sad
at his passing but the
voice so beautiful - &
later seeing not just
a kingfisher on the wire
but a group of
previously unseen grey-
headed, mottled-body
apostle birds foraging
in the grass near
the lagoon as you
drive home hopefully
means you're going to
have a really great day.

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