Monday, November 29, 2004

I am feeling my age, I am feeling / of an age. Watched I am curious – Yellow on public tv last night, Zabriskie Point on cable this morning. Saw them both on their first release, a couple of years apart, thirty five years ago. I am curious – Yellow in an "art cinema", Zabriskie Point, thanks to the success of Antonioni's earlier Blowup, in general release.

Both polemics. Both so dated now. Strange fashion statements. Suits & talkfests in one, afros & action in the other. Yellow seems so stilted, redeemed only by the interview with Olof Palme (later assassinated), the brief clip of the always emotion-provoking Martin Luther King Jr (also assassinated later) & a snippet of Yevtushenko reading Babi Yar. Zabriskie Point is corny, saved only by its eclectic score & the beauty of Death Valley.

& yet both are illustrations of how we, at the time, thought we could change the world. That we didn't succeed is painfully obvious as you read the papers, watch the news. Sometimes I think we didn't go far enough, became content with having pushed the boundaries a little to provide a comfort zone. Pliable enough for a while, but now growing brittle, & under more threat than ever before.

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