Thursday, November 11, 2004

Break off writing
Part 20 of the
Allegrezza Ficcione

go outside
for a cigarette {macro}

& listen to
Lauren listening
to the Bee Gees
in the room above

sound system
just so

downward sound

so that you
are standing
in a spot
where everything
is spotlessly clear

albeit falsetto

& disregarding
the high voices
the disco sound of it
John T. strutting
down the street
in that wide-
lapelled Italian

(no mirror ball
here no need
for reflection)

realise that
it's not filters
that strain the
background noise
like a whale
sieving krill

but an ability
even as you
are moving

to recognise
that single still point
where the noise
divides &
the song
breaks through.

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