Thursday, October 14, 2004

turtle dreaming

I have just realised I have lived without music for a month when once I couldn't live without it. It is not through choice. It is through / forgetfulness. Also, I drive with the car radio off.
I try to make up for it by listening to the Very Best of Miles Davis. One swallow does not a summer make.
I have been reading the same book for two weeks. I could not even tell you what it is called. I know it is not a book of poetry. Maybe it's not even a book.
During the time I have been without music I have driven a thousand kilometres checking out the countryside around so I know where to take the visitors when they come. I have visited / passed by salt farms, fields of dry grass, pools with water lilies, the highest hill hereabouts, lagoons, the river, railway lines, power stations. What I am really trying to do is plot the topography of my relationship with the landscape.
Day by day the land dries out more. I try to keep my fluid intake up.
I wonder if there will be crocodiles this year.
There are turtles though I have only just discovered them. One afternoon I parked in a different place to where I normally do at the Washwool Lagoon & saw turtles sunning themselves on a treetrunk that had fallen into the water. More turtles on a log further down, more swimming. Perhaps fifty in all, & I'd never noticed them before. Most of them the size of bread & butter plates. A few of dinner plate size.
Two days ago we found a turtle by the roadside, heading away from the water. Or possibly trying to find it but lost & heading in the wrong direction. We rescued it, took it back to the water. At first there was only disturbed mud but a few minutes later its head appeared above the surface. I think it was a short-necked turtle. I carried it by spreading my hand across its shell. The turtle withdrew its head.
It will be National Coming Out Day soon. Perhaps that is what the turtle was trying to do & we prevented it.
I wonder if there will be any surprises this year.
I don't think I surprised my parents.
Just horrified them.
But that was in another country.
& besides

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