Thursday, September 09, 2004

Things to do today (in no particular order)

Give Iraq back to the Iraqis
Give Chechnya back to the Chechens
Announce there is oil in Sudan
Start an internment camp for the world's political leaders in Novaya Zemlya
Put a sign above its entrance way (at this time e.e. cummings' "a politician is an arse upon" seems most appropriate)
Invite George W Borg to open it
Make him the first inmate
Work out how to clone Nelson Mandela (1)
Work out how to clone Genghis Khan but keep them in reserve in case (1) doesn't work out & world peace is a myth
Ban all music except for Doris Day songs
Abolish slavery
Come ashore with my slowboat crew
Reanimate Godzilla
Tell the world all poetry is political
Practice what I preach

1 comment:

harry k stammer said...

Mark, I think you've hit on something with Doris Day:

cheers, hks