Thursday, September 16, 2004

for Sophia Kokosalaki

It is
disconcerting enough
having your
favourite anthems
by Bob Dylan &
Leonard Cohen
the angst
as you try
to decide
what brand
of ramen
or which avocadoes
to choose
when they
accompany you
the aisles
of a supermarket
that is nowhere
near California

but when
you hear a
recording by
Allen Ginsberg
being used as
the backdrop
to a fashion parade
where models
strut the runway
with their
small breasts showing
through sheer

it is
time to ask
where are
the saintly motorcyclists
when you
need them
first to take
then to take Berlin
& then
to fuck
the perpetrators
of these obscenities
in the arse
so hard
that there
will be no joy
in their


harry k stammer said...

Mark, yes... Small Breasts and Ginsberg, I hear Tool's Undertow being played in the background..."Undertow Gone under two times. I've been struck dumb by a voice that speaks from deep beneath the cold black water. It's twice"

ah, as, see

I'm going to go


Ivy said...

mark, check this out, an .mp3 of Kenneth Koch & Allen Ginsberg improvising a Popeye ballad. Found it over at Shanna Compton's blog.

mark young said...


Thanks for the link. But since my dial-in connection tells me it will take 3 hours plus to download, I'll save it for another time.