Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Back to / back

back to shorts & a T-shirt & 22 degrees in the middle of winter
back to the noise of birds
back to a landscape brown with the lack of water
back to Lauren whom I missed terribly
back to the cat who should have missed me but instead seems really shitty I went away
back to a pc without pop-ups
back to familiar territory & a space I like to think of as my own
back to the lime tree we bought last year getting ready to flower
back to the books I like to have around me
back to add the books I was given & which I bought while I was away
back to unpack & put things away so it seems I was never away
back to read the mail piled up waiting for me to get back
back to a city without japanese restaurants
back to the house for sale across the street whose owners seem to have given up on the sole agent idea so that now the front fence is decorated with half a dozen real estate agent signs like demented flowers
back to smoking outside
back to groovy little green frogs in the garden
back to a place without a harbour, therefore no ferries, therefore no feeling of swaying with the sea even though you're on the land
back to taped episodes of Star Trek
back to last Saturday's Sydney newspaper
back to the Allegrezza ficcione & Series Magritte
back to writing poems instead of reading them

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