Saturday, June 05, 2004

Taking the long way home

The long way home. No reason
for it other than
a change to the day's
routine. Circumnavigating
the south side of the city
as if it were a lollipop. The bridge
the stick. Then following
the river for a while until it
bends away towards the north. I
am confused by it, always think
it flows in the opposite direction,
that the sea is its source. My way
this way is past the Showgrounds,
airport, golf course, the Botanical
Gardens. Places of interest
if this were an interesting
place. Some birds about. Doves
on the wires & a handful
of magpie larks. A run uphill
& over, the hills beyond, the
shadows giving extra shape
to them & texture to the flood plains
ironed out below. Then halfway
down. & home. The universe is
wider there. & outside, inside
the garden, there are many more
varieties of birds than I have driven
past. When they call I come to them.

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