Monday, May 24, 2004

Sorry, but I couldn't find a bottle

Try not to read
too much into it. Certainly
elephants are rare
in these parts, & elephants
giving birth even
more so. But remember
that here you're on
the main road from
nowhere to nowhere; & at
the somewheres in between
anything is a possibility. After
all there are still
supposed sightings of
the Tasmanian Tiger & the
local version of the yeti /
sasquatch. Yowies they call
them here. Just tell
the Tourist Bureau on your
way out of town that you
saw a pachyderm. Anywhere
else they might be
astute enough to ask if
it was Indian or African
& get suspicious when you
can't tell them where the
tusks are relative to
the ears. But here they'll
just record it as an
unconfirmed sighting
& include it in their next
brochure as another reason
to visit Rockhampton. &
hopefully someday
someone out there
in the Great Beyond
will see the report
& recognise the turn of
phrase & say "So that's where
Mark Young is living now."

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