Sunday, May 02, 2004

The be-bop bird

This morning, amongst the raucous caws of the crows, the harsh shrieking of the white cockatoos & the shrill trills of the magpie larks, I heard a be-bop bird.
Drlllll do be dlop a dulya dop, drlllll do be dlop a dulya dop.....that's how it went, sort of like the tunes Benny Golson used to do with Art Blakey &, later, The Jazztet - not the lyrical pieces like "Whisper Not" or "I Remember Clifford" but the laidback ones like "Killer Joe" just at that point when the ensemble stops, the soloist comes in & the drummer goes back to heightening that fourth beat of the bar, 1 2 3 clock. All that's missing here.

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