Thursday, April 22, 2004

hotmail spam-email subject lines - a final reprise

I finally succumbed & opened one, accidentally I must admit, says he, coughing into his hand. ahem.
& after a couple of contact URLs inviting me to either lose weight or increase my manhood, whether simultaneously I am unsure, came what is posted below. I am uncertain if it means that we have so many words running around in our brain that we could lose a few & thus lose weight or whether it's a mantra that you recite on the night of the full moon whilst standing naked in front of a mirror & rubbing your belly in a widdershins direction.
Make what you will of it.

wolfgang masochist footbridge conundrum burial bode apprise visual agway vitriol
vanderpoel apart bawdy husbandry communion amoral kapok neutron kennecott ale
wing emphysema heinrich plod schoolbook .
stoic chaise gangplank anteroom quadrangular descendant commend amphibious
covary era muscovite sabotage disposable accentual backlog traceable contiguity
boyfriend airspace net bohr excavate bacilli donner dimension invoice .
premiere biochemic cheeky annal dominate bullyboy della lunch idyllic baneful
ariadne annette babble fluke debugged assign engineer fermentation criminal copy
pygmy cotillion deflect hilly .
geology leap plenum applique derision curtsey assyria deign quadrangle arrack
millionth agglutinate ike dickens falter decent fedders jeannie clarke australia
employee changeable graduate pathology architect tuberculin bennington
recuperate .
humphrey monocotyledon civet persian belfast basal algorithm lipid republic
briefcase complicate behold cloudy dowling thoroughgoing meant spheric
bureaucrat diploidy ashland osgood dean reef contradistinct withheld beset
profligacy beloit .
algorithmic stillwater predatory amount deprivation plenty gigavolt stipple
townsmen rapture dearborn caribbean retard .

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